Revere Ristorante Italiano|Established 1865|802 River Road, West Trenton, NJ|609-882-6365

the revere rebirth

by "owner" joseph derrico

Hello Everyone,

It's Joe Derrico, can you believe this December 14th will be my 20th Anniversary at Revere! As you know or have heard it's been a rocky road to say the least. But let me assure you my best work has yet to come. Let me try to explain, in any business it's hard to stay motivated, to stay on top. The restaurant business has more than your average pitfalls. Let's start with being open 7 days a week, 14 hours a day and every holiday. Now consider 80% of all start up operations fail within their first year and the " successful establishments" enjoy an average lifespan of less than 5 years. Ok throw in the worst economy since the Great Depression and you might have to say The Revere is a phenom. Than life throws you a few more curve balls and I started to question my life's work and more importantly myself. I was lost, I guess you can say I was hibernating, breathing enough to stay alive but waiting for the right time to wake up. That time is now! The negativity that has been guiding the direction of this iconic structure has been purged. The Revere is experiencing a renaissance, a rebirth with fresh ideas from young minds that want to be a part of a true, independent "Fine Dinning Restaurant & Lounge". We are unique, totally removed from today's anonymous links in a corporate chain. The aura of Revere is powerful, it radiates positive energy. You have felt it, maybe you have lived it with me. The Revere is reinventing itself by being itself. A place where loyal patrons and families have been coming for a century and a half! You can feel the sense of welcome when you walk through its doors. The energy of thousands of celebrations that resonate through it's bones, 150 years of good times ingrained in its walls.

The revere has been the meeting place for locals as well as destination for travelers. It served as an Inn and Ferry House between Trenton and then Yardleyville (Now Yardley) since the time George Washington made his historic crossing of The Deleware. Now if you are still itching to ask if the rumors are true? "Am I Selling Revere?" You obviously haven't been connected to what I have just penned. The Revere is a part of me an I am a part of Revere. We have both survived our near death experiences and now it is our turn to thrive. I have gained a new found appreciation of what I have created. Not the Revere as a Business but to be a part of history and an active member of an amazing community.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You for allowing me to be an intimate part of your lives for the past 20 years. Thank You for being my family through the Holidays, for being my support through the rough times and my late night companion. Thank You for the very best times of my life and not abandoning at my worst. Thank You for allowing me to be Great at this one thing in life and continuing to believe in me even when I wasn't. I promise to never forget or allow myself to be less than the best I can possibly be. Now if you please allow me this rare moment, not to be cocky just confident. These past 2 decades have been amazing even magical but to state it simply "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet". This is a personal invitation to you, to be a part of my passion, a link in my evolution and a piece of who I Am. BECAUSE TOGETEHER WE ARE REVERE!


what are your thoughts?