Revere Ristorante Italiano|Established 1865|802 River Road, West Trenton, NJ|609-882-6365

the revere story

by "owner" joseph derrico

I purchased the restaurant in 1997 but I have been employed here since 1986. I've had the unique opportunity of working for original owners the Petrangeli Family and believe they are the only ones who could care as much about this Landmark as I do. The original building dates back to the early 1700's where it started as a ferry house to Yardleyville (Now Yardley) and was well established as a tavern and hotel in 1865 (the year Lincoln was Assassinated) but was later destroyed in the flood of 1955. The New Revere, the one that stands here today was reopened in 1965. Since then we have been able to withstand 5 major floods with out washing away. I'm an American success story, I started here as a waiter and worked my way up through the ranks. I had the distinct pleasure of also working for two of the greatest Chefs of there era, Peter and Luigi Immordino. Before there was a food network these guys were Rock Stars. I accredit much of my success because of there tutelage. There isn't a job in this Restaurant that I can not or have not done. It is a labor of love that extends from my up bringing in an Italian community called Chambersburg.

I was raised in my Grand Parents Home. I realized at an early age that food wasn't just a meal it was a way of life. In other words we didn't eat to live we lived to eat. The first words out of my Grandmother's mouth were "Did You Eat?" It didn't matter the occasion, time or event. Nona Theresa would never think of ordering more food than would be consumed in that day. She would simply call "Buffin" at the corner butcher shop / general store and have "Monday" deliver not once but twice a day. She treated every meal from simplest to holiday feast with the same effort. My Grandfather was no slouch in the kitchen either but knew how to enjoy a glass of wine and some peaches with exuberance. He truly appreciated life's simplest pleasures and tried to engrain that lesson in all of us. I think I was the last of generation that had a Milk Man but the Vegetable Huckster was out of luck, everyone in Chambersburg had there own miniature farm. Each spring my Poppy Fred, Uncle Midnight cousins Jeffrey and Jerry (well maybe not Jerry) and myself would plant our garden. Fresh Herbs, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Garlic, String Beans, Basil, Zucchini, Squash and Pumpkins not to mention Cherry, Apricot, Fig Trees and Grape Vines. My fondest memories are of my Zizzi Baba and my Mother Anna sending us into the yard to fetch a tomato, some basil or an eggplant. Jeffrey and I would race back through the screened in porch with our shirts rolled up with the evening's bounty. We would run into the kitchen pushing and shoving to see whose produce could hit the table first. This connection from garden to plate is what I hope to convey to you. I wish to share these intimate little childhood memories and life foundation that allow My Family to live through me and my simple offerings. So I Ask "Did You Eat"


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